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Redheads: Find the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

A few guidelines:

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Redheads, as summer approaches, many of us want to freshen up our appearance and one of the best ways to do so is with a new haircut. But, before you make an appointment at the salon, here are a few guidelines to find the most flattering cut for your shaped face.


You have a round-shaped face if the sides of your face curve slightly outward and your chin is round.

1. A haircut that creates the illusion of angles on your face.

2. Avoid any cuts shorter than your shoulders, as this will only accentuate a round face.

3. Long, layers around the cheekbones and the jawline are extremely flattering to round faces, as are soft waves.

Try: No bangs or long, wispy bangs swept to one side will further create sharpness and angles to counterbalance roundness.

3. Spiced Tea Hair Shade:



You have a square-shaped face if the sides of your face are straight.

1. Avoid straight across bangs, pixie cuts or chin lengths.

2. Elongate a square face with a long, asymmetric haircut.

Tip: If you do opt for bangs, keep them brow length and swept to one side to further soften the angles of a square face.




You have a heart-shaped face if your chin is pointed and your forehead is the widest part of your face.

1. Avoid too much volume at the crown of the head, instead, emphasis should be placed around the chin and jawline to add fullness to the face.

2. Any chin-length cut or longer looks best for this face shape.

Tip: Try something blunt! Heart shapes are one of the few face shapes that carry unique looks well since the face structure can balance most cuts.




You have an oval-shaped face if your forehead is fall and your face is longer than wide.

1. Avoid stick-straight styles which can further elongate the face.

2. Hair should be kept at or above shoulder length with volume at the crown to pull emphasis upward.

3. Blunt bangs look great with this shape face.

Tip: Try softening your look with loose waves and lots of texture.



Rock it like a Redhead!