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The Heat Index Guide for Keeping Your Red Hair Safe and Healthy

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When it comes to heat styling, we know heat can cause some level of damage. But, did you know there’s a temperature range that is considered the safest for your hair? Spoiler alert: your hot tools go way hotter than the appropriate range, so you might be overdoing it. Lots of hot tools will have temperatures up to 425º, but these temps aren’t safe for any hair type and should be avoided. 

200-300º: If you have thin, fine, damaged, or chemically treated red hair

The most fragile hair types need to be the most careful when it comes to heat styling. For these hair types, it’s best to keep the temperature at a lower setting between 200º – 300º. Using temperatures higher than this will leave you more susceptible to damage, breakage, and even burning of the hair. 

Max 350º: For normal, medium, or textured red hair

If your hair falls into the “normal” range, not too thick, not too thin, or is slightly textured, you can turn the heat up a little, but don’t go past 350º. Just like with thin hair, heat higher than this leaves your hair open to damage. 

Max 375º: For thick, or coarse red hair

Thick or coarse hair can handle the most heat, but you still shouldn’t go over 375º. 

For all hair types, it’s important to make sure you use heat protection, avoid using a hot tool after applying hair spray, and never use heated tools like curling irons or straighteners on wet or damp hair. Try to use your tools in quick motions, leaving the hair touching the heat for only a few seconds, and try to reduce the use of heat whenever possible. 

Adrienne + Stephanie, our H2BAR co-founders, did an entire podcast on this topic. Enjoy it here:


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