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4 Ways Redheads Can Add Texture and Body to a Bob

Bring Your Bob to Life

If you’ve embraced the “new year, new hair” motto, you might have left the salon with a brand new bob. Now that it’s February, you might be testing different looks — maybe it’s sleek and straight or maybe you want some texture. Texture can be hard to achieve with a bob, but here are a few easy ways to add some body to your new look so it looks perfectly lived in: 

Embrace Your Natural Texture

If you have any sort of natural curl or wave in your hair, embrace it! Usually, curly hair thrives when it’s short, but sometimes wavy hair will lose its wave pattern. Using curly hair products, adding mousse, and scrunching your hair can help bring that wave out. 

Overnight Waves

If you don’t have a natural wave or curl, you can fake it with some overnight waves/curls. That’s right…overnight styles work on bobs too. You just have to wrap smaller pieces and keep it tight to the head. You can also create overnight waves by using larger pieces or braiding/twisting the hair. 

Use a Large Barrel Curling Iron

Using a large barrel curling iron about 1-1.5 inches can help you to create some nice waves without feeling like your hair is too tightly curled. You can also do some piecey curling to help add volume. Large barrel curling irons are also great for touching up natural waves the next day or any spots that don’t sit right.

Do a Bob Blowout

Instead of a sleek straight style, try a bouncy blowout. Blowing out a bob is super easy because there’s not much hair. You can flip the ends under or out to create an adorable look. You can also add volume to the root and body to the hair so it doesn’t lay flat. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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