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Why You Should Be Using a Dry Texture Spray on Your Red Hair

Say goodbye to crunchy, sticky and heavy hair

Working with freshly clean red hair can sometimes result in it being too soft to hold a style. One solution is to use a dry texture spray. Dry texture spray is a great way to add hold, body, and definition to your red hair. It’s suitable for all hair types, especially if you want to create lift at your roots. It is also great for extending the life of a blowout or other styling and reducing some of the oils at the scalp that could cause a style to fall flat. 

How to use:

Like a hairspray or dry shampoo, simply apply a little dry texture spray to the roots for extra lift. Unlike hairspray, dry texture spray won’t leave your hair feeling sticky, crunchy, or dry. And unlike dry shampoo, it’s not meant to clean the hair, but rather to allow you to work more easily with the hair. 

Here are a few of our favorite ‘redhead friendly’ dry texture sprays for redheads:

1. Finishing spray for piecey texture and hold: Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer 

2. Adding a teasing effect at the roots + all-over texture with a clean finish: R+Co ZIG ZAG Root Teasing Texture Spray 

3. Invisible spray for volume and an alternative to dry shampoo: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

Rock it like a Redhead!