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4 Ways to Fake Clean Red Hair When Working Out/Sweating

Fake it till you wash it!

Sweaty red hair is not cute, but sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially when you’re working out. Here are a few tips on how to fake having clean red hair when you’re getting your sweat on. 

1. Use dry shampoo

The easiest way to fake having clean red hair is to add some dry shampoo. Not only will it absorb some of the sweat and oils, but it will also cover up any sweat smell you’ve got going on. Dry shampoo also helps add some volume to the hair so it doesn’t look quite as lifeless and dull. 

2. Put it up

When you work out, your roots are usually the part of your hair affected most by sweat and oils. Putting your hair up into a top knot, ponytail or braid can help to hide some of the dirty hair and make it look a little bit cleaner. Try invisibobble’s Original Traceless Spiral Hair Ties with Strong Grip to avoid creases and dents. 

3. Cover it up

Similarly to putting your hair up, you can cover dirty roots with a hat, headband, or hair scarf to help it look cleaner. Your ends probably won’t look dirty so you can leave them out and even style them for a nice fresh look. 

4. Curl it

There’s something about curling that hides all sorts of hair imperfections. Curly hair just looks less dirty than straight hair, so add some heat and top it off with a bit of dry shampoo to zhuzh up the roots.

Rock it like a Redhead!