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3 Ways Redheads Can Bring Out Their Natural Waves

You might want to know if you have waves and if you do, this is how to embrace them...

Red hair isn’t just unique in its color, it’s also unique in the makeup of the individual strands. Redheads have fewer strands of hair than blondes and brunettes, but these strands are actually thicker in size. This is why most redheads have thick hair. This also leads to many redheads having curly or wavy hair. 

There’s lots of information for redheads with curly hair on how to enhance curls and what products to use, but for redheads with wavy hair it isn’t always so simple. Wavy hair can often present itself as frizz or unruly hair if not cared for properly. If you’re a redhead who thinks you might have wavy hair, or you know you have wavy red hair but aren’t sure what to do next keep reading:

How to see if you have wavy hair:

This might feel like it should be obvious, but waves and curls can form later in life, or they can be suppressed from years of heat damage. If your hair doesn’t dry stick straight without the help of a brush and blow dryer, and you have a lot of frizz you might actually have wavy hair.

The best place to check for waves is at the nape of the neck and around the ears. If you see waves or curls in this area, it’s time to do some further digging to find your wave/curl pattern. If you’re not seeing any waves or curls in this area and still think you might have wavy hair, try scrunching it up with a towel after your next shower and letting it air dry; you might see some waves start to form.

3 tips to bring out waves: 

You’ve determined that your hair is in fact wavy, now it’s time to do a few things to help bring out your waves. Retraining your wave/curl pattern can take time, but these tips will help you to get started. 

  • Get a Curl Cream – Adding curl cream to wet hair after you get out of the shower will help the waves/curls form. If your hair isn’t wavy or curly this won’t really do anything, but if it is you will start to see them form naturally. You don’t have to buy anything expensive to start out. You can always build your routine later if you choose to embrace your natural waves.
  • Add Mousse or Gel – Curl cream will help the waves/curls form, but now you need something to help them hold. This is especially important if you’re retraining your wave/curl pattern after years of heat damage. Your waves will need that extra help to stay put. You can apply this after your curl cream to wet hair.
  • Scrunch and Diffuse – One of the easiest methods for starting the curl-forming process is scrunching. Using a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt, scrunch your products into your hair while removing excess water. This will help the curls to form and disperse the product. When you’re done you can let it air dry, or hit it with a diffuser to help speed the process up.

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