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Is Your Red Hair Fine or Thin? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

Here is everything you need to know

Updated: November 2nd, 2023

Your redhead skin type depicts what products you use in your skincare routine, and the same goes for your red hair. There are dozens of charts, graphs, and quizzes created to help you determine your hair type and its needs, but all of the available resources can be confusing – and overwhelming. As redheads, we know all too well about being overwhelmed by products.

Plus, everyone’s hair texture is unique, so your strands don’t always fit neatly into the hair type categories. Many think redheads have coarse, frizzy hair. This may be the case for most of us, but some redheads are the complete opposite. You might be a redhead with fine or thin hair, as the two hair types are often mistaken for one another as the terms are often used interchangeably.

When it comes to hair types and textures, you will hear a lot of different words thrown around, and you might think you know what they all mean but there’s a common one people get mixed up. Fine hair and thin hair are not the same thing.

Here’s everything you need to know, redheads: 

What is fine hair?

The word “fine” refers to the actual strands themselves being smaller. When you have larger strands this is often referred to as “coarse” where the strands are denser. Fine hair is something you’re born with.

What is thin hair?

The word “thin” refers to how many strands you have on your head. Someone can have thin hair regardless of if their strands are fine or coarse. Thinning of the hair often happens due to health, diet, genetics, or age. Thin hair can be combatted with proper diet, exercise, and hair care.

Can you have both? 

Yes! Your hair can be both fine and thin. However, for most redheads, our hair is more coarse but we do have fewer strands than other hair colors. This combination often tends to either balance things out, or it’s common for redheads to have very thick, full hair despite having fewer strands on their heads. 

I’m struggling with fine/thin hair. What can I do?

If your hair is fine, you probably get tangles easily and your hair might have a hard time holding a curl. Your hair might also get greasier faster than someone with thick hair. You can’t actually make your stands thicker, but adding volumizing and styling products can help make it easier to style your hair.

If your hair is thin, you want to understand why. Is it genetics? Is it due to diet? Are you aging and losing more hair than before? Thin hair can often feel flat and dull, try adding volumizing products, styling your hair in ways that add shape, and trying to get new, healthy regrowth if possible. 

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