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How To Tame and Control Coarse Red Hair

Get Your Coarse Red Hair Under Control

Updated: October 30th, 2023

Did you know redheads on average have fewer hair strands than blondes and brunettes? But those strands are actually thicker which results in most redheads having thick, full, and even coarse hair. Thick, coarse hair can often be hard to tame, but we’ve got a few tried and true tips that can help tame your red mane. 

Avoid alcohol in your hair care

Always look for alcohol in the ingredient list because it is a drying agent. It will make coarse, thick hair frizzy and brittle. Check your hair care products to make sure you’re avoiding this ingredient. 

Reduce friction

Friction is not a friend of coarse hair, so try and reduce it wherever you can. Avoid rubbing your head with a towel, instead, try squeezing out the water with a cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel. Additionally, you can swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin one to reduce friction at night. 

Soft Microfiber Hair Towel

When drying your hair opt to use a microfiber towel! Introducing the How to be a Redhead Soft Microfiber Hair Towel for Redheads. Because wet hair is at its most vulnerable, this custom microfiber towel gently and carefully absorbs moisture from your red hair and dries it quickly, all while protecting it from stretching and breakage. This design is uniquely shaped to wrap all of your hair securely (no matter the length), with an elastic strap to comfortably keep things in place. Your hair journey starts here, redheads.

Hydrate your hair

Coarse hair needs hydration and lots of it. Utilize hydrating treatments and products aimed toward thick, coarse hair to help tame frizz and increase moisture. 

Utilize leave-in treatments

Speaking of hydrating treatments, leave-in products are great for coarse hair. You can also spot treat your coarse hair in places where it tends to get worse like around the hairline. 

Reduce heat exposure

Since we’re on the topic of coarse red hair at the hairline, let’s talk heat. Reducing heat overall is best for coarse hair to reduce frizz and damage. If you find your hairline is extra coarse or frizzy, make sure you use plenty of heat protection at the root when blowdrying

Keep it trimmed

Getting a trim won’t change the coarseness of your hair but it will help it look and feel healthier. Leaving hair untrimmed will lead to split ends that continue to split further and further up. This causes frizz and unhealthy hair.

Use the right brush

Since we’re applying so many leave-in products, oils, and heat protection at the root, it’s important to help spread the product, otherwise, you will end up with dry ends and oily roots. This is the perfect time to use a boar bristle brush to help smooth the hair and distribute oils from roots to ends.

If you are looking for a shampoo for coarse red hair, look no further:

Finally Glossy® Shine & Luminosity Shampoo for Redheads

It took many years to custom-make the Finally Glossy® formula and we’re so excited for redheads to enjoy it. We’re thrilled to release another clean redhead beauty product. It is paraben-free, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, petroleum-free, mineral-oil, and vegan. It also contains no perfume, is free of gluten and is silicone-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free and cocamidopropyl betaine-free. This clean formula is formulated with Vitamin B3, olive oil, coconut oil and green tea.

redhead shampoo


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