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These 4 Habits Could Be Causing Frizzy Red Hair

Redheads, ease your frizz!

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Frizzy red hair is a pain, and sometimes it feels like no matter what you do you just can’t fight the frizz. We’ve talked about products to make your red hair less frizzy, but if you’re still struggling from red hair that is super frizzy, here are a few habits you might want to kick in order to tame your mane: 

1. Rubbing hair with a towel

Terrycloth bath towels are great for drying the water off your body, but your red hair? Not so much. Drying your hair with a towel is probably contributing to your frizz problem. Instead of a towel, try a microfiber towel turban or even a cotton t-shirt. In addition to switching up your drying tool, change your method. Rubbing creates friction which increases frizz. Try squeezing the water from your hair to reduce friction.

2. Skipping haircuts

It’s easy to go long periods of time between salon visits, especially if you’re growing your hair. If you’re suffering from frizz in your red hair, make time to go to the salon. Getting rid of dry split ends will help to reduce frizz and the overall appearance of your hair. 

3. Hairspray + heat

Taming frizz when styling your red hair can be hard, so it might be tempting to try and reduce frizz and flyaways with a combo of heat and hairspray. While this may be a temporary fix, these two things together are causing more damage than good. The alcohol in hairspray burns when it comes in contact with your hot tools, which means your hair is getting heat damage. Apply a heat protection spray before you use your hot tools, and wait to apply the hair stay until you’re all done and ready to lock in the style.

4. Too much heat 

In general, heat is bad for your hair. This applies to your shower water being too hot, as well as using tools like blow dryers and curling irons. When struggling with frizzy red hair, turn down the heat as much as possible. Wash your hair in lukewarm water and skip the hot tools. If you insist on using hot tools, always use heat protection spray and lower the temp.

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