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Is My Red Hair Shedding or Is It Permanent Hair Loss?

Everything you need to know!

Updated: November 2nd, 2023

You’re taking a shower, washing your red hair and suddenly you look down and there’s a HUGE wad of hair in your drain. Uh no…why is your red hair falling out? There are a number of reasons you might be having hair loss, and we’ve got the deets.

Some hair loss is simply shedding and it’s normal

Let’s start right off the bat by saying hair shedding is completely normal. The average woman actually loses between 50-100 hairs per day. Redheads have fewer hair strands on their heads, but those strands are thicker, which might make it feel like you’re losing more hair than you are. 

This hair loss will occur when washing and brushing your red hair and everyday activities (pulling hair into a ponytail, touching it, etc). As we age, hair loss may increase, which is just part of life. 

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Your habits may cause excessive hair loss 

Over-styling or rough styling can also cause hair loss. Excessive use of hot tools, teasing, rough brushing, and yanking of the hair can cause more of it to fall out. If you feel like you’re losing more hair than normal, try being more gentle and cutting back on the styling.

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It may actually be hair loss. This is what we advise:

There are a number of health-related factors that can play a part in hair loss. For women, this might be PCOS, anemia, or a thyroid problem. Hair loss can also be caused by pregnancy/postpartum changes. If you’re suffering from excessive hair loss, it’s best to discuss it with your doctor to see if it’s genetic or something else. 

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