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5 Ingredients That Could Be Ruining Your Curly Red Hair

Don't let these common ingredients ruin your red locks!

Naturally curly red hair is beautiful and you want to do your best to keep it looking nice. Well, did you know the products you use could actually ruin your curls? Here are 5 ingredients you should watch out for if you want to keep your curls healthy and bouncy. 

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1. Parabens

Found in many beauty items, parabens are a potential irritant, especially for the scalp. Scalp irritation can cause contact dermatitis which can cause hair loss and an unhealthy scalp for those with sensitive scalps or more fragile hair. 

2. Silicones

For people with straight hair, silicones create a nice shine and leave hair feeling silky soft. For those with curly hair, silicones weigh the hair down leaving curls limp and lackluster. 

3. Sulfates

The rich lather you expect from shampoo is caused by sulfates, which break down oils and impurities. Since curly hair tends to be dryer than straight hair, sulfates can be very drying and will strip the hair of the natural oils giving it body.

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4. Alcohols

Since curly hair is more on the dry side, one of the worst ingredients for curls is alcohol. Alcohol can dry out the hair and scalp leaving you with frizzy, brittle hair more susceptible to damage. 

5. Salicylic Acid

While it can be quite great for straight hair, SA is a no-go for those with natural curls. It can remove the natural oils leaving hair dry and brittle. 

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