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How Redheads Can Choose the Right Size Round Hairbrush

Size Matters...When it Comes to Brushes

Achieving a gorgeous blown-out look at home usually takes a little practice, but with the right brush and some patience, it can become a staple style in your hair routine. If you’re struggling to get your blowout to look the way you want, or you’re struggling with technique, it might be because of the size of your brush. Here’s why the barrel size of a round brush matters when doing a blowout. 

It’s all about your hair length

Your hair length is going to greatly impact the size you want to use and significantly influences the styling possibilities and outcomes. Longer hair offers versatility, allowing you to create voluminous waves, defined curls, or sleek finishes with ease. It provides more surface area for curl definition and volume, making it ideal for achieving a dramatic blowout. However, shorter hair has its unique charm and can still be styled beautifully with the right techniques. Keep in mind that the choice between long and short hair for a blowout depends on your desired style and personal preferences.

A general rule of thumb is the shorter your hair is, the smaller the brush should be, and the longer your hair, the larger the brush should be.

Using a large brush on short hair will not give you the same effects as a smaller one, and using a small brush on long hair is both time-consuming and will leave your hair much tighter. That being said, the style you want may cause you to size up or down.

It also depends on if you desire straight, curly or voluminous hair

Depending on the style you want, you may need to adjust your brush size. There are three standard types of blowouts you can do at home:

  1. Blowout for curls: For a curl look, you will want to size your brush down. The smaller you go, the tighter the curls will be.  
  2. Blowout for straight hair: For a straight look, you will want to size your brush up.
  3. Blowout for volume: For adding volume, you usually want to use your recommended size, but may be able to use 1 size up or down. You can find your size with the sizing recommendations below.

Size recommendations: 

The barrel size of a round brush matters when doing a blowout because it directly affects the final result of your hairstyle. Here’s how different barrel sizes can impact your blowout:

1. Barrel Diameter: A larger barrel creates more volume and loose curls or waves, making it ideal for achieving a bouncy and voluminous blowout.

2. Smaller Barrel: Smaller barrels produce tighter curls and less volume, which is useful for creating a more defined and structured look.

3. Medium Barrel: Medium-sized barrels offer a balance between volume and curl definition, making them versatile for various blowout styles.

The choice of barrel size depends on your desired hairstyle. For a sleek and straight blowout, a larger barrel may not be necessary. Conversely, if you want more curls and volume, a smaller barrel could be the better choice. It’s essential to select the barrel size that suits your hair type and the style you want to achieve.

1 inch and under: Shortcut or Pixie cut

1 – 1.5 inches: Longer pixie to chin length

1.5 – 1.75 inches: Chin to chest length

2+ inches: Chest length and longer

Note: Many brands will display brush measurements differently. You want to look for the barrel size, not the bristle measurement. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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