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5 Medium Length Haircuts for Redheads to Rock

Looking For a New Style?

Maybe you’re ready to cut your red hair, or maybe you’re growing it out from a short style. Either way, medium-length hair is very flattering and can be styled in many ways. Out of all the hairstyles you could consider, medium hairstyles for women are probably the best because of their versatility. Not only do they work for every single face shape from round and oval to heart-shaped and square, but they suit all hair types as well, including thin and thick hair. Here are 5 of our favorite medium-length haircuts for redheads to rock:

1. Long Layers 

This style has been trending for long hair, but you don’t see it as often in medium-length hair. Long layers can help your hair look fuller and more voluminous and also add some gorgeous face framing. These long layers won’t take away from the length if you’re working on a grow-out and are easy to put up out of your face

2. Curtain Bangs

A style we talk about often is curtain bangs. Not only are they ultra-flattering, but they are the best of both worlds when it comes to bangs. You can pull them back away from your face easily or let them be for more face framing. Curtain bangs also pair very well with long layers.

3. Wispy Blended Bangs

If you want something a little more dramatic than curtain bangs, wispy blended bangs are very flattering! For a medium cut with wispy bangs, ask your stylist to blend them down into the hair. This will leave you with a less dramatic edge and a more romantic style.

4. Lob (Long Bob)

The lob is arguably the most universally flattering hairstyle there is and it’s a medium-length cut. This collarbone-to-armpit length cut will help frame the face and doesn’t require much or any layering if you don’t want it. Lobs also grow out nicely into a flattering “long” cut. 

5. Shag

If you’re ready for something different, a shag is the way to go. This cut looks great on short, medium, and long hair so grow-out is a breeze and it will make you feel ultra cool. Shag cuts also work on all hair textures!


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