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Burnt Orange: Why Redheads Need This Popular Color For Fall

Add this color to your wardrobe, makeup routine and we've included a spoiler below!

Fall is the season of all seasons for redheads, and there’s nothing we love more than embracing the colors of autumn. Burnt orange is one of our absolute favorite choices and the color we love most for this time of year. It’s the perfect toned-down orange color that instead of competing with our red hair, enhances it! It is a warm, earthy color that can complement red hair for several reasons:

1. Color Harmony: Burnt orange and red hair are both warm colors, and they often share similar undertones. When paired together, they create a harmonious and visually pleasing combination.

2. Contrast: While both burnt orange and red hair share warmth, they can also offer contrast. The slightly muted and earthy tones of burnt orange can provide a complementary contrast to the vibrant and fiery shades of red hair.

3. Enhancing the Hair Color: The right shade of burnt orange can enhance the natural beauty of red hair. It can make the red tones in the hair pop and create a striking, coordinated look.

Here are some of our favorite ways to rock burnt orange this Redhead Season: 

1. Choose burnt orange clothing 

Burnt orange is practically neutral when it comes to fall. It’s a warmer version of a brown and pairs beautifully with black, white, cream, tans, and even colors like navy or dark green

2. Choose burnt orange makeup 

If you love that warm rosy glow, you have to try burnt orange makeup. From eyes to cheeks and lips, it’s super flattering on redheads, especially those with fairer skin. Opt for more terracotta versions of burnt orange, or those with pink undertones to complement your skin.

Looking for the perfect product to make your burnt orange look pop? Look no further!

SPOILER: Finally Have Lashes new-and-improved is releasing the winter! With a new brush, updated formula + new technology, it will help to curl, lift & lengthen lashes with a sensitive-friendly formula. There are two new shades — and as you can see, burnt orange is a major feature in the selection. Shop the Finally Have Lashes line now + join the waitlist to find out more about the release

3. Choose burnt orange nails

For fall, burnt orange nails are a must. They are more neutral than bright orange and feel a little more sophisticated. Try a solid-colored nail, a French tip, or even a glazed pumpkin look. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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