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4 Ways Redheads Can Wear Tan Without Looking Washed Out

Here's How to Rock Tan as a Redhead

Are you a redhead interested in rocking some neutrals, and you know all about blacks, whites, and grays, but you aren’t quite sure if you can pull off tan? Here are some tricks for picking a shade that won’t leave you feeling washed out, or let’s face it…looking a little naked.

Tip #1: Go Darker/Lighter

Most redheads’ biggest problem with wearing tan is not wanting it to look the same color as your skin. The great thing about the color tan is it’s not really a single color, it’s more of a shade range. So when you’re picking your tan clothing items, opt for something several shades darker or lighter than your natural complexion. This will help it stand out from your skin while still feeling neutral. 


Tip #2: Wear it in Your Outer Layers

Wearing something close fitting under other apparel can make it look like you’re wearing nothing at all. Avoid this by wearing tan in your outer layers. For example, a tan coat looks fantastic layered over a black or white fitted top. Having those other colors to break things up will visually make it more appealing.


Tip #3: Go Monochromatic

We know we just said to break things up with other colors, but hear us out…monochromatic tan is super chic. Instead of going for a true monochromatic look with all one shade, try pairing different shades of tan together for a cohesive look.


Tip #4: Play with Texture

Tan might feel boring or too safe, which is why we love tan items that are textured. In the cold months, tan knits and wools are a must. When the warmer months roll around we love a sheer tan, ribbed tan fabrics or a lightly patterned tan clothing piece. 


Rock it like a Redhead!