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How Redheads Can Wear: Red

Learn How to Rock Red Like a Redhead

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This is another installment in our “How Redheads Can Wear” series where we break down colors and styles and show you how redheads can rock anything. This series gives you the basics on colors and what to wear them with, as well as how to choose the right ones for you. This time we’re talking about red:

All About Red

Red is probably the number one color redheads are told not to wear, but guess what? We LOVE rocking red!! Redheads look amazing in red and all it takes is a little confidence to pull it off. 

Red’s complementary color is green, which is why red hair and green eyes are such a stunning combination. Because red hair isn’t actually red and is more orangey, finding the right shade of red is the key to feeling confident in it. 

Finding the Shade 

Colors come in different shades (hues) and saturations (intensities), and finding the right ones for your red hair is key to loving any color. Red can also be more orange-toned, or more blue-toned and it can be “true” red in the middle. This is the shade. Red can also be dark and rich like a jewel tone, or light and airy like a pastel. Pastel red is often referred to as a shade of pink. It can also be every color in between. This is the saturation of the color. If you don’t like a certain color, try going for a different shade, or even a different saturation of the color

If you already know which shade of red you like, you’re well on your way. If not, here are a few things to consider. 

  1. Your shade of red hairIf your hair is a “true red” you may also want to opt for rich “true” red colors. If your hair runs more orange to strawberry blond, you may want to opt for more of a orangey red. If your hair is a darker red, or perhaps a faux cherry cola red you may want to opt for more blue/purple reds.
  2. Your complexion – Most redheads have fair to medium skin, but redheads can have any complexion. Consider your complexion when it comes to choosing how dark or light you want your red to be. Fairer-skinned redheads may want to opt for a darker shade of red, while redheads with a more medium skin may choose to go lighter towards the pink end of the spectrum. Of course, you can go either way, but lighter colors may wash out a lighter complexion. Choose a saturation that contrasts your skin a bit. You can also consider if you are high, medium, or low contrast. 
  3. Your undertones – Similarly to the shade of your red hair, you want to consider your undertones. If you have cool undertones, you may want to opt for a more blue/purple red, and if you have more warm undertones you may want a more orange-toned red, and neutral undertones, a more “true” red.

Pairing Red with Other Colors

We already know green is red’s complimentary color, but what other colors go well with red? In fashion, there are a couple of colors we consider neutral. This includes black, white, off-white/tan, and denim. So denim isn’t one specific color, but blue jeans go with every color so they are considered a fashion neutral. You can pair any shade of red with any of these colors. Monochromatic looks are also a great option. Pairing shades of red together can help create a cohesive look that still feels dimensional. 

Other colors that look amazing with red include the colors found in red’s color family which are shades of orange and shades of pink or purple. These are called analogous colors. Since red’s complementary color is green, its secondary complementary colors are blue and yellow which are found on either side of green. 

Different shades of red will pair better with different colors. For example, If you want to pair red with yellow, opt for a more orange-red, and if you want to pair red with blue, opt for a more purple/blue red. 

Now these rules aren’t hard and fast, but they are a good jumping-off point if you’re trying to create a cohesive look. You can easily find any colors complementary colors by going across the color wheel from it, and you can find the analogous colors or the colors in the same color scheme, on either side of any given color.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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