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The 6 Magnificent Shades Of The Red Hair Color Palette

What Shade of Red are You?

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When we think of hair color, we often think of 3 main categories: blonde, brunette, and redhead. But there’s so much more to each of those classifications. There are shades and tones that can’t be summed up in just one word. 

Red hair is one of the most complex colors there is. Blonde is always light, and brunette is always dark. Red hair can vary from light all the way to dark, so let’s explore some of the varying shades of red hair



Redheads who lean on the lighter side are usually called strawberry-blondes. Their hair more closely resembles blonde with warm red tones throughout. People can also have light red hair that’s not blonde but isn’t dark in color. 



The traditional “orange” red color that most people associate with redheads is often called ginger. It’s a lighter red but isn’t as light as a strawberry blonde. Many redheads have ginger hair as kids and it gets darker as they get older. 



Red hair that’s a little darker than ginger is often referred to as copper. It maintains that “orange” look but is a little darker in shade. Copper may be one of the shades that redheads experience as their hair darkens with age


Classic Red

Falling right in the middle of the red spectrum, classic red is the perfect blend of warm orangey tones and that natural dark red. This is often the color redheads by choice want to achieve. 



If strawberry-blonde and ginger lean on the light side of things, auburn leans on the dark side. Dark auburn may even appear brown in dim lighting. Auburn is a shade that many non-fair-skinned redheads may have. 


Dark Red

The darkest of red hair, dark red or sometimes called mahogany is a color that isn’t really naturally occurring. Most people with dark red hair are redheads by choice or natural redheads who want a deeper tone.


Of course, there are also many shades in between these common colors. What shade of red are you?

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