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Why H2BAR Co-Founders Chose To Wear Bright Pink Magenta on ABC’s “Shark Tank”

And how you can incorporate the color into your wardrobe


Wondering what the most flattering colors are for redheads? Well, one color is magenta. It is one of the most perfect colors because it flatters our red hair, but also adds a pop of color. Some shades of bright pink can feel overwhelming while some shades of lighter pink can make us feel washed out. 

Magenta is a rich and bold choice for redheads and that’s why How to be a Redhead co-founders, Adrienne and Stephanie, chose to wear it for their appearance on Shark Tank which aired on February 15, 2024 (Season 15, Episode 14). Adrienne wore this stunning jumpsuit (without the jacket) in a more warm-toned magenta called ‘Fushia’, and Stephanie opted for a similar jumpsuit in a little bit of a cooler-toned magenta called ‘Wild Berry’. 

Wondering how you can rock magenta with your red hair? We’ve got you covered:

Magenta top and basic bottoms

A fantastic way for redheads to rock magenta is by pairing a magenta top with basic bottoms. The magenta will be close your hair and eyes making them pop — while the simple pants or skirt will help to balance the outfit. This look works particularly well with black or denim jeans or other basic black trousers, skirts, or shorts.

Full magenta moment

If you really want to rock the magenta, try a full magenta moment like Adrienne and Stephanie did. Magenta dresses or jumpsuits are perfect for any special occasion. The pink tones will help to accentuate your hair and skin to perfection. We love pairing a full magenta moment with a nude shoe to help give the color its time to shine. 

Wear magenta with other colors

Magenta is beautiful, but what colors do you pair it with other than black, white, and nude? We love magenta paired with jewel tones like emerald green, and other complementary colors like blue and red. The best part about magenta is it comes in lots of different shades and this makes it easier to pair with other colors. We love the really vibrant ones but if you’re not 100% sold on the pop of pink, try going for a darker berry shade and pairing it with colors you love.

Magenta makeup

Magenta and berry are great shades for redheads when it comes to makeup. You can rock the magenta on your lips, eyes, and even your cheeks. The pink tones will really pop, and make you look stunning.

Magenta nails

Another way we absolutely adore magenta? Nails! Berry-colored nails are trendy year-round and are the perfect in-between of pink and red. Berry tones look ultra-flattering on fair skin tones too.

Magenta accessories

Add a pop of pink to any outfit with some magenta accessories. Magenta shoes, bags and earrings will give you the color you’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed. We love adding these magenta pops to neutral outfits! 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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