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Redheads Can Wear Pink and I Can Prove It

This lie about redheads changed my life.

I must have been about seven years old when I was out shopping with my mom, who is also a redhead when she said something that changed much of my childhood and young adult life.

“It’s such a pity you can’t wear pink.”

She went on to explain that, thanks to our redhead locks, we simply couldn’t pull off certain colors of clothing. “We’d be washed out or too bright,” she said. “Certain colors clash with our hair.” The reasons why went on and on.

The list expanded from pink to include most red and orange hues as well, and this strange rule stuck with me for nearly two decades. I took my mom’s opinion as fact and without any other redheads around me growing up, there was no one to tell me otherwise!

My once radical closet (I had a penchant for pairing mismatching florals when I was young) slowly transformed into one of greys, blacks, and dark blues. By the time I reached my senior year of university, my closet was completely black, and I wouldn’t dare play around with colors that were brighter than navy. To be honest, redheads look amazing in black so it wasn’t necessarily a problem, but I would look at other girls with their blonde, black, and brunette hair, envying their ability to wear any color they wanted.

My love of playing with colors and scouring thrift stores for patterns and prints was stripped away by self-doubt and a lack of confidence. My hair that I was so proud of became a hindrance towards my love of fashion.

Fast forward to the present, Emma Stone in that now iconic yellow dress from La La Land, Jessica Chastain looking like a dream in bright green, and our newest ginger darling, Sadie Sink, stunning in every color under the sun. And yes, you guessed it, all three of those ladies (and many more redhead celebrities) look lovely in pink.

Everywhere I turn now I see a redhead in a color I never thought I could pull off, looking absolutely gorgeous. The inspiration I’ve gained from these women and many more has revived my love of playing with colors and prints. My wardrobe is once again filled with a generous sampling of the rainbow. For those curious, I am currently in a bright red sweater and loving every second of it! So if you’ve ever felt a little intimidated by the color hair we’ve been blessed with, never fear. Don’t talk yourself out of that floral blouse or pink sweater. Be bold with your fashion choices! We were born to stand out, after all.

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Rock it like a Redhead!