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How And Why Redheads Should Wear Barbie Pink

Redhead celebs show us we can definitely wear any shade of pink

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Pink is having a major moment and we’re here for it.

The new Barbie movie features a few redhead characters, although we do wish there were more! Since before the movie even came out, “Barbie pink” and all shades of pink have been in the spotlight. Wondering if you can rock barbie pink as a redhead? Of course you can, and you should. 

Where did Barbie Pink come from?

Barbie’s signature pink color was chosen by the doll’s creator, Ruth Handler, who co-founded Mattel with her husband Elliot Handler. Ruth wanted to create a doll that could serve as a role model for young girls, encouraging them to imagine themselves in various adult roles. She chose the color pink for Barbie’s wardrobe and packaging because it was a popular and fashionable color at the time, and it symbolized a sense of femininity, fun, and playfulness that she wanted the doll to embody. The color helped establish Barbie as a distinct and recognizable brand, contributing to her lasting cultural impact.

Why do some people think redheads shouldn’t wear pink?

For decades, redheads were told to stick to neutrals, and when wearing color, to wear cooler-toned shades like blue, green, and purple. Red, orange, and of course pink, were all seen as colors that “clashed” with red hair. We love pink and aren’t ever going to shy away from it.

The idea that redheads shouldn’t wear pink might stem from traditional color theory and the belief that certain colors should complement or enhance an individual’s natural features. Some might think that the warm undertones of red hair clash with certain shades of pink, leading to a less harmonious appearance. However, it’s important to note that fashion and personal style are subjective, and there are no hard and fast rules about what colors someone should or shouldn’t wear based solely on their hair color. Ultimately, fashion choices should be based on personal preferences, confidence, and individual experimentation.

Pink and red hair can create a visually striking and vibrant combination. While some people might worry that pink and red could clash due to both being bold and intense colors, it ultimately depends on personal taste and the specific shades of pink and red being used. Some individuals intentionally choose to pair pink with red hair to create a unique and eye-catching look. It’s all about experimenting and finding a color combination that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

How can redheads rock pink?

Rocking pink as a redhead is easy, simply pick the shade you like and wear it. But we know wearing such a bright, noticeable color can be daunting, especially if you have followed those old-school rules for redheads. Pink is actually very complementary on redheads and will make your red hair stand out. Think how well red and pink pair together in the real world, and remember that your red hair is vibrant and beautiful with any color. 

Redhead celebs show off rocking the pink:

We love taking inspo from our favorite redhead celebs, who are no strangers to rocking the pink. If you’ll notice, most redhead celebs opt for pink which stands out against their skin tone. Paler pinks can be hard for redheads because they may wash you out, but if you like a pale pink you can rock those too!

Sadie Sink

Back in July 2022, Sadie Sink showed off her love of wearing pink in an article by Fashion Magazine. Sink even talks about her love for Sharpay Evans, played by Ashley Tisdale who also rocks pink in the High School Musical movies.

Isla Fisher

Another redhead celeb that is not afraid of vibrant shades of pink is Isla Fisher. Fisher even shares in an article with People Magazine, “I love pink, but I have a friend of mine who’s a stylist, I won’t name drop her, but she says that ‘No woman should ever wear bubblegum pink’,” She then goes on to say, “I went back home and looked at my closet and three-quarters of it is bubblegum pink, so I can’t quit at this point.”

Madelaine Petsh

Riverdale starlet Madelaine Petsch is no stranger to pink! She even did a Barbie-inspired photoshoot last year for Mane Addict‘s September cover story where she rocked pink as well as a bleach blonde wig. Want to know more about this photoshoot? Check out our article all about it!

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Lindsay Lohan

As any Mean Girl fan knows, “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Lindsay Lohan has been showing off how redheads can wear pink for years now. We love seeing her back in the pink again!

If you want to test the waters in the world of pink, try rocking some pink accessories like a cute hat, some sunglasses, or a pink bag. Or bring some pink into your makeup with some pink eyeshadow or even just a simple pink lipstick. Looking for a good pink shade? 6 Best Pink Lipsticks That’ll Flatter Every Redhead is a must-read. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about rocking pink, and you can find  tips, some color pairing ideas, and more here: How Redheads Can Wear Pink.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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