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Madelaine Petsch Transforms from Redhead to Blonde Barbie

Don't Worry the Blonde Isn't Staying

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Riverdale starlet Madelaine Petsch and everyone’s favorite redhead, traded in her long red locks for bleached blonde Barbie hair. But don’t worry it was only a wig for Mane Addict‘s September cover story.

The Barbie-inspired photo shoot also featured photos of Petsch with her gorgeous natural red hair in Barbie fashion; she resembles a Barbie doll so many of us wanted (but couldn’t find) as little kids. 

In the interview, Petsch talks about her role on Riverdale, some upcoming work and spoke candidly about her red hair. “I really struggled with my red hair as a child and was made fun of for the color a lot,” she told Mane Addict. “I slicked my hair into a bun every day with gel because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.” Today, it’s her trademark, but the glossy red waves can still be unpredictable. “I have very particular hair. When you think it will zig, it will zag, and I find it never does exactly what we want it to do,” she joked. “So I’ve learned to go with the flow with my hair.”

madelaine petsch blonde madelaine-petsch-mane-muse-barbie- madelaine-petsch-blonde wig

madelaine-petsch pink lipstick

Madelaine has now embraced her gorgeous locks and we’re supporting her one-hundred percent. She’s a great redhead role model for all of us for generations to come. 


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