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6 Colors Redheads Can Rock This Summer

Add Some Color to Your Wardrobe

Looking to add a little more color to your summer wardrobe? Summer has always been about bright, bold colors, but sometimes as redheads, our bright hair is enough. Here are 6 subtle summer colors that will look great with your hair and add a pop of color to your look. 

1. Coral Red

Don’t want to go all-out red with your red hair? Try a nice coral red instead. The pink tones will look gorgeous with fair skin and the warm red will compliment your hair. Coral red looks amazing with white and other neutrals

2. Muted Yellow

This nice muted yellow is to summer what mustard yellow is to fall. It’s just a few shades lighter than mustard and will really make your red hair pop. Pair it with light blue denim or neutrals for a nice sunny outfit

3. Green

There isn’t a season we won’t recommend green to redheads. Green is our color! For summer opt for lighter, brighter shades of green paired with whites, neutrals, and light denim. 

4. Light Blue

Another redhead favorite for summertime is blue. We are loving all shades of blue, but specifically lighter blues. It looks amazing paired with other shades of darker blue, white, or neutrals. 

5. Lilac/Lavender

Purple is a gorgeous color for spring and summer, and we are loving lilac and lavender this summer. Lilac tends to run more pink and is really complimentary for warm-toned redheads, while lavender tends to run more blue and works best for cool-toned redheads.

6. White

It’s summer, you’ve got to wear some white! From crisp white to off-white, we love a white summer moment. Pair it with neutrals or add a pop of color for a gorgeous summertime outfit. 


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