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Yes, Redheads Can Wear Yellow — Here’s How

Brighten Your Fall with Yellow!

Yellow is one of those shades that some people say redheads should steer clear of and we’re here to announce the truth: redheads can wear yellow! We just have to find the right way to wear it. Here are a few tips on how you can wear yellow with your red hair this fall: 

1. Pick the right shade of yellow 

Yellow can easily make you look washed out and that’s why it’s important to pick the right shades for your skin tone. For redheads in the fall, we recommend sticking to the darker more orange-toned yellows like mustard, marigold, and butterscotch. 

2. Pair yellow with other colors 

Yellow is a fun, warm color and if you pair it with complementary colors, it will really pop. Some great complementary colors for yellow include purple and green. If you want something in the same color family as yellow, pair it with colors like darker rust oranges or dark reds. 

3. Pair yellows with neutrals 

If you want the yellow piece in your outfit to be the star of the show, try pairing it with neutrals like black, shades of white, brown, light nudes or grey. These colors will help the yellow pop and it will balance out your look. 

4. Try yellow accessories 

If you’re not convinced you can pull off yellow this fall, try starting small with some yellow accessories. Hats, scarves, handbags, and shoes are all great ways to test the waters on a new color you want to try.

Rock it like a Redhead!