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How Redheads Can Wear: Animal Print

Learn to Rock Animal Print Like a Redhead

redhead animal print

Animal print has gone in and out of style over the years, but it’s back and bigger than ever. Animal print is one of those patterns that you may see in the store and love, but once you get it home, sometimes it’s hard to style. We think redheads look amazing in animal print and we want to show you a few ways you can style the animal print pieces you have at home or the ones that catch your eye this season:

Keep it neutral

The absolute easiest way to rock animal print is by making it neutral. Most animal prints are made up of browns, blacks, and whites which means that they are easy to pair. Wear your animal prints with other pieces that contain those same colors and your animal print will blend in perfectly. This is also a great way to rock animal print if you aren’t sold on making a statement

Add a pop of red 

Pops of red make everything better and red goes perfectly with animal print. Adding some red will help to balance the look and focus the eye on all aspects rather than just the animal print. You can also do this with pops of other colors if red isn’t your thing. 

Mix patterns

If you’re feeling bold, try mixing your animal prints with other prints. Stripes, checkers, and plaids all look amazing with animal print. Don’t be afraid to mix your colors either, remember animal print is neutral.

Grunge it up

Adding some “grunge” elements to your animal print outfit is a great way to make it feel more purposeful. Try adding things like leather, Doc Martins, and band tees. You can create a cute, casual yet stylish look and your animal print won’t feel out of place. 


Maybe animal print is something you’re new to, or maybe you just like a more simple outfit. That’s okay! Try rocking animal print in your accessories. Belts, shoes, and bags are all great statement pieces you can use to add a pop of animal print without committing too much. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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