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Olivia Volpe

Leopards and Cheetahs and Zebras, Oh My! Tips for Rockin’ Animal Print This Season

By: Olivia Volpe

The end of summer is always bittersweet for me. I’m sad to see the warm weather fade away, but I am always just as excited to break out the boots and scarves.  A change in seasons is essentially a free wardrobe makeover as you switch from light summer fabrics and sink into the comfort of oversized sweaters.  This fall, I think redheads should take a page from the jungle book and have some fun with animal print.  From small accents like belts and sunglasses to full blown statement pieces, have fun with leopard and zebra.

Here are 4 tips for how to rock animal print this fall season:

1. Try spicing up your favorite skinny jeans with a sky high pair of leopard print pumps.

2. Rock your LBD with a skinny zebra belt cinched at the waist.

3. If you really want to make a statement, try pairing your favorite animal print with some bold pops of color.

4. If you want to go really bold, go with the untraditional colored animal print pants, but make sure to wear neutral colors throughout the rest of your outfit.

5. You can’t manage to work some animal print into your wardrobe? No problem! Try some cool sunglasses for when you’re walking the streets.

For redheads, animal print is always on point, and can always add spice to an outfit. TIP: Make sure to not go overboard with prints. They are made to accent only!

Don’t be afraid to be the queen of the concrete jungle this fall and Rock it like a Redhead with animal print!


Pictured: Taylor Tomasi Hill during 2012’s New York Fashion Week