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7 Best Colors Redheads Should Rock This Fall

Add a Pop of Color To Your Fall Look

Fall is Redhead Season, and that means it’s our time to shine. Redheads look amazing in all colors, but there are some colors that really help us stand out in the fall. Here are our seven favorite colors for redheads to wear during autumn:

1. Green

An amazing color for redheads year-round —green is a must-wear for fall. Opt for darker forest greens or keep it airy with some lighter greens. Green looks amazing paired with blue, purple, and brown/cream for the fall. 

2. Berry Pink

We love wearing pink in the summer, and berry pink is the perfect transitional color for fall and winter. The colder months don’t have to be dull and boring, so brighten things up with some rich berry tones

3. Orange

Anyone who says redheads can’t wear orange is dead wrong. Orange, especially burnt orange and more muted shades of orange looks amazing with red hair and is perfect for redhead season. 

4. Yellow

Another must-wear for redhead season is yellow. Mustard and golden yellow really make red hair pop and look amazing with orange, brown, cream, and black.

5. Black

We love black because it gives our red hair a chance to shine. If all black is too dark, mix it in with lighter colors like white, cream, and any of the other colors listed here. 

6. Cream/Brown

Cream and brown are gorgeous in the fall. They will compliment your red hair and give you an overall cohesive look. 

7. Navy

If black is a little too dark for you, but you want something sophisticated, opt for shades of navy and other darker blues. It will make your red hair pop and look ultra chic. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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