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8 Group Halloween Costume Ideas For Redheads in 2023

Gather Up Your Friends and Family!


Planning a group Halloween costume can be a lot of fun, but sometimes redheads feel left out when a costume idea doesn’t feature someone with red hair in it. We all want to feel included. Well, fear not! Here are 8  group Halloween costumes for groups of all sizes that feature a redhead:

1. Wanda in WandaVision

Get inspired by the mega-popular Marvel franchise TV show. Pick from any of the family experiences; it’s perfect for a family of 4 with two young boys.

Redhead Costume: Wanda | For Group Size: Family of 4


2. Disney Princesses

For a cute, classic group costume, dress up as Disney princesses. If you’ve got guys in your group go as princes and princesses. The options are endless. 

Redhead Costume: Ariel, Merida, or Anna | For Group Size: 3+


3. The Breakfast Club

Throw it back to the 80s with a The Breakfast Club group costume. This is one you could thrift most of the items for too.

Redhead Costume: Claire | For Group Size: 5

halloween costume

4. Fruits or Veggies

The perfect easy group costume for large groups is fruit and/or veggies.

Redhead Costume: Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Mango, Apple, Carrot, Pumpkin | For Group Size: 3+

5. Mean Girls

Choose from the classic cover look, the mall scene, the talent show, or even the Halloween scene for your Mean Girls group costume. Have more than 4 people in your group? Add Regina’s mom, Janis, Damian, and even Aaron Samuels. 

Redhead Costume: Cady | For Group Size: 4-8

6. Spices

Dress up as your favorite food spices. This costume is perfect for groups both large and small and there are multiple options for redheads to choose from. 

Redhead Costume: Ginger, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon | For Group Size: 3+

7. Scooby Doo

Zoinks! Get the whole gang together for this Halloween costume. It’s sure to be a hit, and you never know when you might need to solve a mystery. 

Redhead Costume: Daphne | For Group Size: 5

8. The Flintstones

Get nostalgic with a The Flintstones costume. Perfect for a group of 3 as the Flintstone family, or up to 6 if you include the Rubble family.

Redhead Costume: Wilma or Pebbles | For Group Size: 3-6


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Rock it like a Redhead!