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5 Popular Redhead Halloween Costumes Based on TV/Movies

Straight from the screen to the streets. Are you ready to impress?

It’s time to start talking Halloween costumes for 2022. TV and movies are one of the biggest influences on trending costumes, and this year is no exception. Some of these costume ideas are brand new and others are resurfacing.

Let’s explore 5 redhead TV and movie-based costumes that are sure to be a hit this year. 

1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is on everyone’s mind right now and is just as popular as it was when the original came out in 1989. The new movie hasn’t come out yet, but the film is already causing a lot of buzz because the film’s main character Ariel is being played by Halle Berry. This Halloween, we expect to see women and girls of all ages and skin tones dressing up as Ariel. We love that this movie is creating even room for redhead inclusion.

little mermaid

2. Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

The second Hocus Pocus movie hits screens on September 30th — just in time for the 2022 Halloween season. Winifred (played by Bette Midler) has always been a popular redhead costume since 1993 and is even more popular this year.

Halloween costumes for redheads

3. Max from Stranger Things

Stranger Things took the world by storm this year and redheads looking for a costume from this hit show are sure to gravitate towards Max played by Sadie Sink. Max was in previous seasons but her role really came to the forefront and made her one of the main characters in Season 4. 

stranger things

4. Greta Gill – A League of Their Own

This remake of the 1992 film by the same name features the redhead character Greta Gill. Greta’s character offers plenty of adorable costumes to choose from for Halloween. If you want to throw things back to the OG movie, you could dress as strawberry blonde main character Dottie Hinson played by Geena Davis.

Halloween redheads

5. Redhead Mei – Turning Red

If you’re looking for a fun costume from a kid’s film, try redhead Mei from the adorable movie Turning Red. This is a great costume for kids and adults alike and could even be used as a group costume with her friends or some cute Red Pandas. 

redhead turning red costume


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