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9 Outfits To Rock With Your Finally Bold® Redhead Lipsticks

We custom-designed these shades to flatter all redheads

Finally Bold

Finally Bold® redhead lipsticks dropped on May 10th and we’re so excited for everyone to enjoy them. The new lipstick line is made for redheads by redheads in the three essential colors every redhead should own. We custom-designed these shades to flatter all redheads and to be your go-to daily lipstick. Influencers like @withwonderandwhimsy are showing off their outfits when wearing the different shades of Finally Bold. Are you ready to start rocking your lipstick with a new outfit? Here are a few tips to help you style each shade.

Finally Bold® - Lipsticks for Redheads: $26

1. Won’t Wash You Out: Perfectly Nude

Nude lipstick is a must-have for everyone, but it can be hard to find the right shade for redheads. Lots of nude lipsticks are too fark for fair-skinned redheads, or wash you out. Perfectly Nude is just that — the perfect nude shade for redheads. Because it’s a nude, you can pair this shade with any outfit, but a few ways we love to rock it are:

  • Business / Work Wear: A nude lip is elegant and understated but still very chic. It won’t clash with any colors you choose to wear, and pairs great with neutrals too.
  • Neutral Top + Jeans: Dressed up or down, a neutral-colored top with some denim on the bottom is a staple look. Pair this classic look with a classic lip shade like nude. 
  • Cool-Toned Looks: Wearing something more cool-toned? A nude lip is the perfect way to make sure you’re not clashing!

Won't Wash You Out: Perfectly Nude: $26

2. Pinking of You: Perfectly Pink

For some redheads, pink is their nude and it’s almost as versatile. A good pink shade adds color and definition to the lips without feeling overwhelming. It’s almost like your lips — but better. Like a nude lipstick, there really are no limits, but we love to rock Perfectly Pink with:

  • Casual Attire: For a pop of color and fun with any outfit, even the casual ones, we love a pink lipstick. It’s very natural and gives just the right amount of definition to the lips.
  • Anything Floral: It can be hard to pair florals, especially if they have a lot of color. The one color that seems to complement them all? Pink! Pair Perfectly Pink with a floral top, dress, or skirt.
  • Warm-Toned Looks: Another gorgeous way to balance your warm-toned looks is with some pink lipstick. It won’t compete with the warm colors, and won’t wash you out. 

Pinking of You: Perfectly Pink: $26

3. RED-Y For This: Perfectly Red

The lipstick that scares so many redheads is red. You can rock it with confidence1 Red lipstick doesn’t go with every outfit, but it can be dressed up or down for a classic style. 

  • Formal Attire: We love a red lip for a formal look, especially when wearing black, or RED! Of course nude and pink work wonders for formal attire too, but red really steals the show. 
  • Red + White: The quintessential way to wear red lipstick is with a red and white outfit. This color combo can be dressed up or down, paired with denim, or made elegant and chic. Whatever your style, try out the red and white combo with Perfectly Red.
  • Dark Neutrals: Red can go with anything neutral, but a look we really love is pairing a red lip with a darker neutral like black, dark gray, navy blue, and deep earthy tans. 

RED-Y For This: Perfectly Red: $26

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Main Photo Credit: @withwonderandwhimsy on Instagram