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What’s So Special About Finally Bold® Redhead Lipsticks

Your Lips Will Thank You

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Think about the last time you went lipstick shopping. Maybe you were in a department store or a makeup store, or maybe you were browsing online. You probably saw a ton of colors you thought looked pretty, but when you got it home, you noticed the color wasn’t right for you.

Most redheads have unfortunately had this experience. Our skin tone and hair color often cause nude lipsticks to wash us out, and colored lipsticks like red or pink look too bright, too harsh, or not the right tone. Shopping for makeup made primarily for blondes and brunettes can often leave redheads feeling a little lost. 

Well, when it comes to lipstick, we’ve felt the same way, and that’s why we made our own. Finally Bold® is hitting the H2BAR website in late March/early April 2024 (preorder yours now) and while you might think it’s just another lipstick, there’s something special about these items. This new lipstick line was created for redheads by redheads.

Finally Bold® - Lipsticks for Redheads: $26

This lipstick is universally flattering on redheads of all skin tones and shades of red because we tested and tried it on all different redheads. In three different shades: nude, pink, and red, we brought to life the lipstick we wished existed when we were browsing the makeup department. 

Finally Bold is ‘Redhead-Friendly’ and made with sensitive skin in mind. That means it’s made without alcohol, gluten, GMOs, oat, wheat, parabens, phthalates, oil, sulfates, or talc. It is cruelty-free, vegan, and Leaping Bunny Approved. It comes in a rich, creamy and semi-matte finish, and its highly pigmented and redhead-approved color glides on with a lightweight, non-sticky sheen. The formula features shea butter to provide hydration while providing sheer-to-medium coverage.

Finally — H2BAR lipsticks are here and we’re going to break down each shade: 

Won’t Wash You Out: Perfectly Nude

Designed to be your everyday lip color while providing hydration and coverage. Option: Use as a base and top with Perfectly Pink or Perfectly Red.

Won't Wash You Out: Perfectly Nude: $26

Pinking of You: Perfectly Pink

Designed to bring you from day to night. Soft enough to feel low maintenance, but pretty enough to feel glamorous. 

Pinking of You: Perfectly Pink: $26

RED-Y For This: Perfectly Red

Designed to be your go-to red lip shade. The rich undertones are meant to complement all shades of red hair. This is your chance to prove that redheads can wear red.

RED-Y For This: Perfectly Red: $26

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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