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Lip Oil vs. Lip Gloss: Which of These Formulas Should Redheads Choose?

Do You Know the Difference?

Updated: September 25th, 2023

Lip oil is having a moment right now and we’re on board. One of the big questions is: what’s the difference between lip oil and lip gloss? Well here’s everything you need to know: 

1. First, let’s talk about how they’re similar 

Lip oil and lip gloss look pretty much the same. They both add a sheen to the lips either in a shade or clear and can both make the lips look fuller, softer, and juicier. Depending on the product, lip glosses and lip oils also feel similar. However, lip oils are usually less sticky and slicker, and many feel like oils are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Like lip gloss, lip oil can be worn alone or overtop of lipstick to give you a nice sheen on the lips. 

2. And this is how they’re different 

It seems like they are the same right? Well, this is where the differences come in. The biggest difference between lip oil and lip gloss are the benefits for your lips.

Lip gloss is a cosmetic that really doesn’t do much for your lips other than make them look plump and pretty.

Lip oil is a lip care product that makes your lips look great while also hydrating and nourishing them.

3. Our pick

We love lip oils because they are usually made with rich, fatty oils to give your lips the hydration they need. Lip oil isn’t a replacement for lip care (like lip balm) but it can help to keep lips looking and feeling nice.

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