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5 Expert-Backed Winter Skincare Tips For Redheads

Tips directly from our co-founder's, Adrienne + Stephanie

While we love winter for the cozy sweaters, hot chocolate and holiday vibes, we don’t love how the temperature affects our sensitive redhead skin. It seems as if overnight our skin goes from being hydrated to dry and cracked. There is naturally less moisture in the air due to the environment and conditions, like the wind. This all makes it harder for the skin to maintain its natural protective oils. As a result, moisture gets pulled from the skin, leading it to become dry and irritated. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. It’s important we keep our redhead skin hydrated and nourished. Good skincare is a great way to keep skin healthy and happy no matter the weather.

Here are tips directly from our co-founder’s, Adrienne + Stephanie, who have dedicated their careers to studying redhead’s and their skin types:

1. Look for winter-friendly ingredients

The ingredients you use on your face matter year-round, but there are a few ingredients you want to look for during the colder months. Things like:

Ceramides: A change in season can come with a change in your skin, so it’s important to try and reverse these shifts with topical skincare wherever possible. Introducing (if you haven’t heard of it before), ceramides. Ceramides, like hyaluronic acid, are found naturally in the skin and act as a barrier to keep skin healthy. When cold weather and harsh central heating set in, these barriers are compromised, but products from cleaners to serums containing ceramides help lock in moisture and protect skin from pollutants.

Hyaluronic acid: The king of moisture-boosting skincare ingredients and our top favorite. If you’re not already using hyaluronic acid, start right now. The hard-working ingredient can hold 1,000 times its weight in water and is found naturally in the skin, helping to keep it looking firm, fresh and plump. But it’s no bad thing to give mother nature a helping hand. This star ingredient is one of the quickest ways to quench thirsty skin, and it’s pretty much suitable for everyone, from sensitive to oily complexions. 

Niacinamide: We heard this analogy once and loved it: think of niacinamide as Xanax for your skin. The calming ingredient is a winter skincare wonder for everyone, especially redheads. The ingredient soothes weather-ravaged skin and a dull complexion caused by unnatural central heating and lack of sunlight in the darker months. It’s also great for regulating oil production, making it a good choice for all skin types, but particularly those who suffer from breakouts. 

Keep Vaseline, Aquaphor or other petroleum jelly products around. Apply to chapped lips or dry patches of skin. They’re also a great occlusive (or barrier) to use in the slugging skin care technique.

2. Always wear SPF 

Redheads are more prone to melanoma even without sun exposure. It’s even more concerning when redheads choose not to wear sunscreen in the winter. Many don’t know that the sun’s UV rays are harmful during the winter because the ozone layer is at its thinnest. Plus, snow and ice can reflect up to 90% of these rays and actually increase their intensity, making it especially important to keep your skin protected

Wintertime sunburn and skin damage are real, and you want to make sure you’re applying SPF daily even when it’s cold outside. Everyone should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays and has at least SPF 30 protection, which blocks about 97% of harmful UV rays. Ultimately, though, the best winter sunscreen for you is the one that best meets your unique needs.

3. Never skip your skincare

Whether you’re heading out into the cold or staying at home nice and warm, you never want to skip your skincare. Both indoors and outdoors can be quite dry in the winter months and this can lead to dry skin. Make sure you have a layer of skincare protecting and nourishing your skin night and day.

Another benefit is a great skincare routine helps your skin stay in good condition. You’re shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it’s important to keep your skin glowing and in good condition. An effective skincare routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

4. Turn down the heat

Keeping the temperature down will help preserve the natural moisture in your skin, and keep your capillaries calm. 

Heat is drying, and although the weather is cold we are exposed to excess heat all throughout our day. From the heat in your home to the heat in your car and even the hot water in your shower, you might be drying your skin out trying to stay warm. Turn down the shower and use lukewarm water to wash your face and body. At home opt for a humidifier to keep your home from getting too dry.

Tip: Start off with warm water, then gradually turn down the temperature until it’s just warm, or tepid

5. Cover up your face

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important. Wind, cold and dry air will leave your face feeling tight and uncomfortable. Skip that feeling by covering up your face when you’re outdoors. A nice scarf is a great way to keep your face protected from the elements, and if you’re worried about cold and flu season, a mask also works wonders!


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