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Simple Tips: How Redheads Can Combat Dry Itchy Skin This Winter

Get Relief from Dry, Itchy Skin!

Dry, itchy skin can be quite common in the winter months, especially for those who have more sensitive skin. Here are a few ways you can combat itchy skin this winter. 

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Tip 1: Take room temp showers

Hot water is brutal on dry itchy skin, so make sure your showers and baths are cool or room temperature to keep skin from drying out more or irritating the skin.

Tip 2: Limit your shower time

It might seem like spending time under the water would help to hydrate your skin and relieve some of the itchiness, but really taking showers that are too long could actually be drying out your skin more. Try to limit showers to about 10-15 minutes. 

Tip 3: Turn down the heat

Heat is a major factor in dry skin and during the winter months, that heat can come from numerous places. Turn down the heat in your home to a more comfortable level and put on a sweater to avoid making the air too dry. 

Tip 4: Moisturize

Make sure to moisturize daily with a heavy moisturizer. If your skin is extremely itchy, you may need a medicated moisturizer to help reduce the itch. 

Tip 5: Wear soft clothing

Scratchy or tight clothing can lead to further irritation. Try wearing clothing that is soft and breathable but also provides coverage to prevent yourself from absentmindedly itching your skin and leaving scratches or irritating it further. 

Tip 6: Hydrate

Staying hydrated is key to reducing dryness in the skin. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water each day. 

Tip 7: Use a humidifier

If you live in a climate with dry air, or your home feels dry from the use of heaters, try using a humidifier. It will help to put some moisture back in the air and reduce dryness and itching in the skin

Tip 8: Oatmeal bath

For relief from the need to itch, try running an oatmeal bath. It will help soothe the skin and reduce the itchiness of the skin.

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