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5 Shower Smarter Tips to Avoid Dry, Redhead Skin

Redheads may have superpowers but when it comes to our skin, many, including me are plagued with notoriously sensitive skin. Showering is something we humans do almost every day –– and everyone showers differently. Sometimes we shower and wash our red hair, sometimes not. Feeling warm drops of water on the skin is wonderful, especially after a cold day or sweaty workout. If you do not shower properly, you can risk dry skin. That’s why the phrase “curse of the celts” is a proper dermatological term. Our appeal comes with a price, so we have to nourish our thin skin and give it the best care we can.

So, can showering make your redhead skin dry? Find out how to shower smarter and how to use shower gel to avoid dry skin.

1. Don’t strip off all the good oils

Although showering twice a day makes us feel clean, it is not good for the skin. Our microbiome, the fungi, bacteria, and microorganisms need a healthy environment on our skin to keep it healthy. If we strip all the good oils off, they can’t survive and can’t keep our skin moist and elastic, especially against environmental influences.

2. Use a mild ‘redhead friendly’ shower gel 

Many shower gels and soaps can intensify the effect of drying out our skin, especially if they are full of nasty ingredients and fragrances. Use a mild, ‘redhead friendly’ shower gel and focus on the delicate spots and the areas that release sweat –– like the armpits, buttocks, groin, and feet.

Do not use shampoo for body cleansing because it is even more degreasing than shower gel.

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3. Carefully select your after-cleansing products

Many redheads might not know after-cleansing products are an option when in the shower. You can use a shower cream or oils after cleansing to moisturize your skin while you’re still showering. This prevents your skin from getting super tight and dry after drying off.

I recommend a shower cream because it is better suited for dry skin — it contains intensive protective active ingredients. If you do suffer from dry skin, you can also rely on shower oils. These have increased oil content and restore the skin’s natural oil-water balance. The skin’s own protective film is protected and moisture is trapped.

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4. Avoid super hot showers 

Many dermatologists advise against long and hot showers. When taking a hot shower, you strip off the good oils and the skin vessels are dilated. Maybe you even get out of the hot shower with a fire red face due to the increased blood circulation. For redheads who suffer from rosacea, dilated blood vessels and a change in temperature are a flare-up factor. We do love our red hair, but not a red face, so hot showers and facial steamings are on the list of things to avoid. A lukewarm middle course is therefore the best.

5. Use a shower filter 

Shower filters reduce skin irritants like chlorine and chloramines from your shower water by passing them through a filtration. Water is then must gentler on your hair and skin and does not contain any harsh chemicals. 
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