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How to Adjust Your Redhead Skincare Routine for Winter

These Swaps Will Save Your Skin

Every time a new season comes around, your redhead skin probably reacts to the changes in the air. You may notice more breakouts, dryness, and redness during certain seasons. We can help you avoid this problem by teaching you how to adjust your skincare routine. If you’re an H2BAR Box subscriber, you know firsthand how we love to change up your skin and hair products quarterly to keep up with the changing weather conditions.

Instead of ditching your tried and true skincare routine when the winter comes, make these cold weather-friendly changes instead. Simple adjustments can help the skin cope and give you that healthy glow we all want: 

1. Slow down on exfoliating

It’s tempting to try and scrub that dry skin off, but that will leave your skin more vulnerable. Light exfoliating is encouraged but you may even want to cut back on your exfoliants during the winter months. Instead, focus on keeping the skin hydrated. 

2. Apply products to damp skin

Your skin needs as much moisture as it can get. Trap some of that existing moisture after you wash your face by applying your skincare products to a damp face. 

3. Say goodbye to fragrance

Scented products are always tricky for sensitive skin (which most redheads have) but during the cold months, that fragrance can be even more irritating. Opt for sensitive skin-safe and fragrance-free options. 

4. Be careful in the shower

Another thing we often do in the winter is crank up the water temperature in the shower. Be careful when washing your face with this water as it can break down the skin’s natural barrier. Instead, turn the water temp down a bit before washing your face or opt to wash it out of the shower. 

5. Keep applying SPF

One of the worst mistakes we can make during the winter is to skip the SPF. You may want to swap from a gel-based SPF to something a little thicker for added moisture, but just make sure you’re still applying it. 

6. Incorporate a facial oil

If you’re not already using a facial oil, it’s time to start. That added layer of moisture will help to hydrate the skin and the oil will help to nourish it. Select one that targets skin concerns you may have like redness or aging.

7. Consider swapping your routine

We usually apply lighter products in the morning and heavier products at night. If you spend a lot of time outdoors or in cold temperatures, consider swapping this. Your heavier products will help to protect your skin and the lighter products will give it a break at night while still nourishing. 

Rock it like a Redhead!


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