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10 ‘Redhead Friendly’ Scarf Colors to Embrace This Fall

It's Redhead Scarf Season!

Fall is scarf weather, and it’s fun to play around with different colors and coordinate your outfit. A fun fall scarf can help to pull a look together while keeping you warm. Here are 10 ‘Redhead Friendly’ scarf colors to embrace this fall: 

1. Dark Red

Try a dark red like burgundy, maroon, or cabernet. The dark color will let your red hair pop while still giving you those cozy fall vibes.

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2. Mustard

Go for a darker yellow to bring out the red tones in your hair. Pair this with neutrals or complementary colors for a gorgeous fall look.

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3. Sage/Olive Green

Green looks amazing on redheads, and these muted greens are perfect for fall. The more toned-down color will help your hair look more vibrant.

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4. Dark Green

Want something a little darker, try a dark emerald or forest green. Dark green looks great with neutrals, denim, and other jewel tones.

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5. Navy Blue

Blue is a great transition between fall and winter and the deep tones will help your red hair look stunning.

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6. Berry

A color that looks amazing with red hair is berry tones. They are perfect for fall and a great way to add a pop of color to your look. Pair with neutrals for a bold statement piece. 

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7. Blush

Pale pinks aren’t just for spring and summer! Blush can act almost as a neutral and bring out the rosiness of your skin. 

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8. White/Off White

If you really want your red hair to pop, try doing a white or off-white scarf. It pairs well with any look and helps you stand out.

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9. Tan/Nude

Neutrals are always a safe bet, and a neutral/nude scarf is a must-have wardrobe staple for fall. 

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10. Black

You cannot go wrong with black in the fall. It will go with every outfit you own and it will help your hair look vibrant and bright.

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Rock it like a Redhead!