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How to Style Your Red Hair in a Hair Scarf

Add a Pop of Fun and Color to Your Hair

With Redhead Season almost here, we’re taking out our scarves for the cooler weather, but why not use them in your red hair too?! Hair scarves are a great way to dress up a simple look, add a pop of color to your hair, or even cover up hair that’s in desperate need of a wash. Here are a couple of ways to style your red hair with one: 

Around a Ponytail or Bun

The simplest way to style a hair scarf is to tie it around your ponytail or bun right at the base where your hair tie sits. You can wrap it around to cover the hair tie or leave the ends loose to hang down. 

Folded Bandana Style

Take your square scarf and fold it in half diagonally to make a triangle. Then place the triangle with the point going away from your face and tie the ends under your hair. Alternatively, you can tie it and slip it on to push your hair back.

Style with a Braid

There are two ways to style a hair scarf with a braid. One is to tie it on at the end where the hair tie sits, like with the ponytail or bun. Another way is to incorporate the scarf into your braid by using it as one of your three strands. Or, wrap the scarf around your braid at the very end for a super-easy and fast accessory!

Half-Up, Half-Down

Style your hair scarf like you would with a full updo, but with a half-up, half-down bun, braid, or ponytail. Again, you can leave the ends out or wrap them around the hair tie. 

Headband Style

Fold or roll your hair scarf into a long skinny strip and then knot it under your hair. The scarf can be used to push all your hair back or placed behind some hair to create that headband look. 

Watch the tutorial below:

Rock it like a Redhead!