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5 Tips On How To Get Your Vibrant Red Hair Back

Tips for redheads looking to get the red hair shade they had when they were younger

As redheads get more mature, the hair changes in different ways. Red hair can fade, turn white or grey and overall lose its vibrant color. A Reddit user, who appears blonde now, showed a photo of her hair when she was younger and said, “It’s a shame my hair has faded in adulthood. I always hated being a redhead when I was a kid. Now I’d give anything for that shade again.”

If you’re wanting a little help to return your red hair to its former shade, check out these tips: 

Find a trusted hair colorist

The most important part of getting your hair to any shade is to have a stylist you trust. Find someone who works with redheads, both natural and ‘by choice’. An experienced stylist will be able to mix the right color and keep you from looking too brassy. 

Bring a photo

If you’re going for a specific shade from your younger years, bring in a photo of yourself from that time. It will be easier for your stylist to color match the photo than a description. Also, it’s best to work off photos of natural redheads and not those with dyed red hair to get the perfect color. 

Try color depositing shampoo 

If your hair is simply faded, you might not be ready to dye it yet. Try using a color depositing shampoo to get some of that vibrance back in your locks. Looking for a redhead-approved one? Check out our 2021 list of best color depositing shampoos

Do a glaze

Having your hair glazed will help it get back some of that sleek shine and luster you might have had earlier in your life. Glazes are great for hair that’s fading and losing some of its shine without adding any color. You will want to consult with your trust stylist hair colorist about the best clear/color glaze for you!  Find out more about glazes for redheads here.

Give it a gloss

Similar to glazing, doing a gloss treatment will help to bring back some of the luster of your hair. Unlike a glaze, a gloss does deposit some color onto your hair, but it is not permanent. Your gloss will wash out in a couple of weeks and can be done right from home too.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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