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Carmina Alvarez

How to Make Hair Shiny – The Hair Glaze Guide for Natural and ‘By Choice’ Redheads

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By: Carmina Alvarez

Many redheads face fading with age and dullness due to the summer sun.

Glossy, vibrant red hair is what every redhead wants and in order to transform dull and lifeless hair into a super chic luminous mane, hair glazes are the way to go. Glazes are mostly found at professional hair salons and are a blend of silicones that cover the hair shaft and act as a glossy top coat. Glosses help boost our hair’s natural red color and shine.

The product usually come in a clear, lightweight, ammonia-free formula that enhances luminosity and doesn’t add color (which is ideal for us natural redheads)! If you’re a redhead ‘by choice,’ hair glosses are also a great choice because it helps seal freshly applied hair color and it works as a “recharger” of color and shine in between appointments.

You can simply go to your favorite stylist and ask for a hair glaze. But, if you want to avoid paying extra money for a salon hair glaze, there are various “redhead friendly” at-home hair glazes for you to try:




Photo: Kaitlyn Tarpey, Miss Connecticut 2013 at the Rock it like a Redhead Event. © How to be a Redhead