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The Most Flattering Jewel Tone Colors for Redheads

When it comes to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) aka the “winter blues”, studies show that redheads are protected against SAD because of the MC1R gene, the gene responsible for red hair, pale skin, and freckles. So, this means many redheads are happy during the cold winter months when others are sad.

Guess what else can lift a redhead to higher spirits in the winter months? Beautiful dark jewel tones. They are not only appropriate for the season, but they are so flattering with red hair.

Wondering what colors are jewel tones? See the helpful chart below. The various shades of blues, purples and greens are some of the most complementary tones for redheads.

Here are tips on choosing the best jewel color for you:

1. Pick a shade based on your eye color 

Brown, green or hazel eyes?

Choose sapphire and emerald jewel tones.

Blue or gray eyes?

Choose blue-violet, burgundy-wine and silver

2. Jewelry inspired teal, sapphire blue, or deep green are jewel tones all redheads can wear 

3. Mix jewel tones together

When jewel shades are mixed together with red hair, it’s a truly gorgeous look. Choose a green belt and burnt yellow hat, like the below!

4. Don’t be afraid to incorporate jeweled colors in your makeup routine

Neutral, golden tones and lavender shades can make our eyes pop.

Sparkle, shine, and rock it like a redhead this winter.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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