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9 Warm Redhead Halloween Costumes For Freezing Cold Nights

Don't let the low temps ruin your night

If you live somewhere that experiences a cold Halloween, you’re going to need a costume that’s both fun and functional that won’t be ruined by having to add extra layers or a coat. Here are a few edhead Halloween costumes that are perfect for a cold Halloween night: 

1. Carmen Sandiego

This iconic woman of mystery is a great option because you can layer under her signature red jacket, and the boots and gloves will give you extra warmth.

2. Anna from Frozen

She’s chilling in a frozen wonderland, so of course, Anna is a great choice for a freezing Halloween! You can also choose from her outfits from the first or second movie.


3. Milesandra or Ygritte from Game of Thrones

These ladies know a little something about dressing for the cold. Both GOT characters are a great option for a cold night. 

4. Queen of Hearts

You’ll have room for lots and lots of layers under your puffy skirt, and you can add long sleeves under your costume without ruining the look!

5. Merida from Brave

Merida’s long sleeve dress is perfect for the cold, and if it’s extra chilly you can add a cloak just like she has in the movie.

6. Mad Hatter

This long-sleeved layered look comes with a coat already built into the look, so you’ll be toasty warm all night long. 

7. Grace Fraser from The Undoing

Nicole Kidman wears some seriously amazing coats in HBO’s The Undoing, any of which would make a great low-key but warm costume. 

8. Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus

Layer up with a Winifred Sanderson costume complete with long sleeves, layered skirts, and a cloak to keep you toasty.

9. Beanie Baby

If you want something effortless, easy, and warm, try dressing up as the 90s classic Beanie Baby! Wear a cute animal onesie and add a DIY “ty” tag. Perfect for groups!

Rock it like a Redhead!