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6 Taylor Swift-Related Halloween Costumes for Redheads

Enter Your Swiftie Redhead Era

Taylor Swift

There’s no doubt that Taylor Swift is a hot topic right now — everyone is talking about her sold-out world tour, box office hit tour movie and her new relationship with NFL star, Travis Kelce. Taylor Swift is the woman of the hour — *scratch that* — she’s the woman of the year. Lots of people will be dressing up as Taylor Swift this Halloween and of course, you can rock a blonde wig, and one of her iconic outfits, but if you want to dive fully into the Taylor-verse with a redhead Taylor-related costume, keep reading.

Want to see these outfits come to life before scrolling, check out this TikTok video: 


Redheads, we can dress up as Taylor Swift too 👩🏼‍🦰 🎸#Halloween #costumeideas #swifties #fyp

♬ new romantics – 🎸🪩

1. “All Too Well” Short Film

In the short film/music video for All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) redhead actress Sadie Sink plays a young woman throughout her relationship. Taylor herself plays the same redhead several years in the future. 

2. “Bad Blood” Music Video

In Swift’s song “Bad Blood”, the music video features a redhead Taylor Swift in the ending scenes. 

3. “Babe” Music Video

In the music video for Sugarland’s song “Babe”, Taylor Swift sings guest vocals and plays a redhead secretary having an affair with her boss, who gets her heart broken. 

4. Redhead Eras Tour Backup Dancer

If you attended an Era’s Tour concert or watched the film you probably saw a stunning redhead backup dancer. Natalie Reid is a professional dancer and is on Taylor’s dance crew for the tour. 

5. Abigail Anderson

You probably know the Swift lyric, “You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail, and soon enough, you’re best friends” from Taylor Swift’s song “Fifteen”. This lyric refers to her best friend Abigail, whom the singer is still close with. Abigail has been a staple in Taylor’s life for over a decade. 

6. Tree Paine

Wherever Taylor goes, Tree Paine is sure to be close behind. Swift’s publicist is her right-hand woman and according to Taylor, “See that redhead? She’ll tell me what to do”. Watch the viral IG video below: 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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