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10 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks for Redheads from TikTok

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Halloween is a few days away, and if you’re struggling with a last-minute costume or just looking for a makeup look for your costume, we’re here to help. Check out these 9 easy Halloween makeup looks from redheads on TikTok: 

1. Chucky

This classic costume is perfect for redheads. Pair this easy makeup look with a striped shirt and overalls for an easy Halloween look.


Hi, I’m Chucky! #chuckymakeup #halloween #halloweenmakeup #childsplay

♬ Chaji Play – Double 林家磑

2. Cady from Mean Girls

Going as Lindsay Lohan’s character from Mean Girls is iconic. This party scene is easy to recreate with this makeup look and a black and pink dress.


♬ –

3. Mad Hatter

Now this one might be best suited to a costume you’ve already planned out, but if you’re going as the Mad Hatter this year, this is a super simple makeup tutorial to finish your look. 


We’re all mad here 🤪🎩 #aliceinwonderland #madhatter #teatime #whereisalice #redhead #fyp #makeup #halloween

♬ original sound – nickiteal

4. Jessica Rabbit

All you need is a red dress and this makeup look to rock the Jessica Rabbit vibes this Halloween. 


♬ –

6. Bloody Face

Haven’t planned a costume at all? Try this bloody face look paired with just about anything you’ve got in your closet and you’ll be all set.


Easy Halloween Makeup ❤️ #makeup #easyhalloweenmakeup #viral #halloweenmakeup #fakebloood

♬ original sound – lexie! 🤍

7. Vampire

An easy look to throw together is a vampire costume and you can complete the look with this makeup style. 


Throw in some red contacts for added dRaMa 🧛‍♀️ products in comment section❤️ #vampiremakeup #halloweenmakeuptutorial #makeuptutorial #easyhalloweenmakeup

♬ Mountain King – Halloween Sound Effects

8. Something Spooky

Another easy costume is general spookiness. Pair this with some black clothing and you’re all set.


EASY HALLOWEEN MAKEUP LOOK 🩸 #halloween #halloweenmakeup #viral #easymakeuptutorial #easyhalloweenmakeup

♬ dumb dumb – sped up – mazie

9. Fairy

Want to be something a little less spooky? Try this stunning fairy makeup tutorial for a sweet and whimsical Halloween night.


yes that is vampire diaries in the background 😭 #halloween #easyhalloweenmakeup #fairy #fairy makeup

♬ original sound – Karina M. Padilla

10. Clown

And to round out the spooky category, this simple clown makeup is easy as can be.  


♬ –



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