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5 Quick and Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Redheads

Get Halloween Ready in Minutes!

Redheads, looking for a quick Halloween costume with easy makeup? We’ve got you covered!

Idea #1: Deer

Turn yourself into a dashing deer with just a little makeup. Add bronzer and blush to your face to define it and then chisel out your nose. Apply winged liner, heavy brows, a cute little nose, and color in your upper lip. Finish it off with white spots and you’re all set!

Idea #2: Mermaid

Channel your inner Ariel with an under-the-sea mermaid look. Simply take a pair of fishnets and stretch them over your face. Then concur with blue, green, or purple shimmer shadow. Peel away the fishnets to reveal your new scaly look. Finish it off with a matching shimmery eye look and some loose waves. 

Idea #3: Roxanne

The loveable character Roxanne from A Goofy Movie is an easy one to recreate using makeup. Opt for rosy cheeks, bold brows, and a drawn-on brown nose. Finish the look with a wavy side part and a teal t-shirt. 

Idea #4: Scarecrow

A little eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick are all you need for this simple scarecrow look. Draw on a stitched smile with black eyeliner and then apply some lipstick like normal. Add a patch on your nose and anywhere else you see fit. Finish off the look with exaggerated lower lashes and a cute hat. 

Idea #5: Fiona

Can’t choose between human Fiona and ogre Fiona? You don’t have to! Paint half of your body and face green and fashion a little ogre ear. Braid your red hair and amp up your freckles with some faux ones drawn on. Finish the look with some blush and a bold brow.

Rock it like a Redhead!