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4 Special Makeup Tips for Redheads When Wearing The Color Red

From casual to formal!

Red is a power color and can be worn to make quite a statement. When paired with red hair, it’s the ultimate power move. The makeup you wear with your red outfit can help to pull the entire look together. Here are 4 ways to do your makeup when wearing the color red:

1. Bold Lip + Neutral Eye

The obvious choice for a red ensemble is to pair it with a matching red lip. This color-coordinated makeup look really brings the outfit together and will make you look fierce.

Pair your bold red lip with a neutral eye color to help balance things out. We suggest a muted brown or nude look with light liner and a focus on the lashes. Keep the rest of your face makeup neutral with light bronzer and blush to add dimension. This look is perfect for a more formal occasion or a night out.

2. Fresh Faced 

If a bold lip feels like a little too much with your red hair, try a more fresh-faced look. Keeping your makeup more neutral will let your hair and outfit be the star of the show.

Stick to simple face makeup and light contouring to play up the natural features of your face. A light bronzer and a creamy blush will help give the face color and definition. Keep the eyes neutral as well and skip the liner and instead opt for soft lashes. Pair this look with neutral lipstick. This look is great for everything from a formal affair to a more casual red outfit.

3. Warm + Glowy 

Let the red tones of your outfit plus the red tones of your hair steer the makeup in this look. Opt for warm tones on the eyes and a warm lip. This look is really cohesive and can look stunning on redheads. 

Add lots of warmth and glow to the face by keeping the bronzer and blush nice and warm-toned. Add reds, oranges, and warm pinks to the eyes for a stunning look. Top it off with a warm lip of your choice. This makeup look can be glammed up or more subdued making it perfect for all types of occasions.

4. Glam All The Way 

Of course, if you’re a redhead wearing red you might be ready to make a real statement. If that’s the case, go glam all the way.

Pair your strong glam eye with a bold red lip and really make it a show-stopper. This look is best suited for a more formal affair but can be worn with all shades of red. Just make sure your lipstick is a matching or complementary shade.


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