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Where and How Redheads Should Apply Bronzer + Blush

All tips learned on TikTok!

Most millennials grew up in the age of learning makeup tips from magazines and eventually beauty YouTubers. So, if you’re new to redhead makeup or just want to update your look, you have so many more resources to help. One of our favorite resources for learning new techniques is TikTok. After watching about 100 videos on makeup application we’ve got some tips we learned and want to share with you: 

1. How to apply bronzer 

Bronzer has been used by makeup artists for years, but it really became popular in the 2000s when everyone wanted a glowy sun-kissed look. Contour followed shortly after and everyone was chiseling their faces to perfection. Heavily bronzed faces aren’t in anymore, but a light, subtle glow is and as redheads, we are here for it.

  • Tip 1: Apply High on the Face – When going for a more contoured look, it’s good to apply in the face’s low points (think: cheekbone) but to obtain a fresh glowy-look, apply higher up on the cheekbone and forehead where the sun would naturally leave you bronzed. 


  • Tip 2: Use a Fluffy Brush – For years we packed on the bronzer with dense brushes and blended with our hand, but those days are over. Try using a smaller fluffy brush and blend as you go. Apply a little and build as you need to.
  • Tip 3: Find the Right Shade – We have a lot more shade options for bronzer and not every shade works for every redhead skin tone. Find something just a few shades darker than your natural color for a nice sunkissed look.

2. How to apply blush

While bronzer and contour were having their moment, it felt like blush took a backseat. Blush has been around even longer than these other products but for a few years, it just wasn’t the “it” product. Now blush is having a big comeback.

  • Tip 1: Apply Above the Brow Bone – We’ve always been taught to apply blush to the apples of the cheek first and blend. The problem with this is it gives you a flush too low on the face. For a lifting effect, apply at an upward angle above the cheekbone and above the brow bone! 

redhead makeup blush techniques

  • Tip 2: Try Cream Blush – If you don’t think you’re a blush person, try a cream blush. It applies differently and looks much more natural on the skin. For redheads, coral can be a really nice natural color.
  • Tip 3: Blend in a “C” Shape – For a really natural-looking tint, try applying your blush high above the cheekbone near the outer corner of the eye and then blending upward on the forehead and down towards the apple of the cheek in a “C” shape.


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