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This Under-Eye Blush Viral Hack Brightens & Lifts: Is It Redhead-Friendly?

You wouldn't think to add blush under the eye, but this looks REALLY good.

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There’s a new trend in town: apply blush under your eyes. Blush contouring has become more and more popular but this new hack takes blush to a next level. We were confused when we first heard about it too, but after watching a few videos, we’re kind of into it. 

The blush has to be applied very lightly and you’ll want to use a more natural pink shade, but the technique actually leaves the under eyes looking lifted and brightened. Model and dark auburn redhead, @marthalynn, tried it in on TikTok and it appears to be freckle skin-friendly too. 


Been obsessed with this blush combo and placement atm so here’s how I do it!! #fyp #makeup #tutorial

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Would you try this? Rock it like a Redhead!