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We Tried The Dot Method Makeup Hack: This Is Our Verdict For Redheads

Could This Technique Change How Your Makeup Looks?

We’re always looking for new makeup application techniques and the dot method hack has been circling Tiktok and other social media for a while now. Instead of applying your face products one at a time and blending in between each one, this technique involves applying product with a dot all at once, rehydrating them and blending out the entire thing.

This technique only works with cream/liquid products, but makeup artists and content creators are saying it can help reduce the cakey appearance of heavy makeup. The idea is that you’re only applying the makeup where it’s needed instead of layering the products which is what can cause that cakey look to happen. This technique can also help you to save products.

Makeup application techniques like this do take a little practice, and you have to learn how much product your face needs since you’re applying it all at once.

Because we’re redheads, we enjoy contouring with tinted sunscreen. We’re using Tower28 Tinted Sunscreen from the June H2BAR Box. 

When applying the blush and finishing spray, the look is effortless-looking. First off, the entire process looks like a lot, but it honestly takes waaay less time and effort. The technique looks so much more natural and feels a lot lighter than usual.

While you’re only wearing a single layer of makeup, it still gives you the benefits of contouring and highlighting – making everything look sculpted, but seamless.

So, what do you think? Would you give this technique a try?

Here’s a redhead influencer on TikTok showcasing the entire process:


I needed to try this…what do we think? <3

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