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6 Redhead Makeup Techniques That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

Help your eyes stand out with these special tricks

Did you know that the majority of redheads have brown eyes? Hazel is the second most common, followed by green and then blue which is the rarest color for redheads to have. Regardless of your eye color, you might want to make your pretty eyes pop, so here are a few easy ways to do that.

Curl your fair lashes 

Most redheads have very fair/blonde/translucent eyelashes. Help your eyes pop by curling your lashes up. This will expose more of the eye color and allow it to be more vivid. 

Wear metallic shadow

Eyeshadow has a special way of making red hair pop. Metallics have a way of drawing attention to the eye in a subtle way. For those with brown eyes, try a gold metallic look. For those with green or blue eyes, try a warm bronze or rose gold look. Champagne is a great neutral metallic for all eye colors.

Wear complementary colors

Complementary colors are opposite to each other on the color wheel, so they create a strong contrast. This is what will make your eyes pop. For brown eyes, this would be shades of blue. For green, it would be shades of purple, and for blue it would be shades of orange. 

Add colored liner

Another way you can incorporate complementary colors, or just a pop of color is through colored or white eyeliner. This fun addition to your makeup can help make your eyes pop.

Tightline the eyes

The term ‘tightline’ refers to the placement of a gel or pencil eyeliner just beneath the upper lash line. Usually, redheads with fair lashes can really benefit from this trick because it will make your eyes pop even more. Applying a tight line can help to define the eye and the lash line.

If you want something bold, opt for a dark tight line. If you want something to make your eyes look bigger and brighter, opt for a white or nude tight line.

Wear false lashes

You can accentuate your eyes by applying false lashes. Brown falsies look great for a more casual look, while black lashes can add some drama. Individual lashes are also a great way to add some lash volume without going full glam.

Rock it like a Redhead!