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How Redheads Should Be Using Their Beauty Blenders

Get a Flawless Finish Every Time

Beauty blenders are a great tool for applying your face makeup. They can be used for foundation, contour, highlighting, and even cream blush. Also known as makeup sponges, they will give you a really nice, skin-like texture and buildable coverage. The way you use a makeup sponge can really change how your makeup looks, so check out these top makeup sponge tips:

1. Always wet your sponge 

You want to work with your makeup sponge when it’s wet, not dry. A dry sponge won’t bounce as well against the skin and it will soak up a lot of your product. Lukewarm or room temperature water is best because it will help the makeup melt into your skin and move freely. 

2. Don’t let it be too wet 

When we say you want a wet sponge, you don’t want it soaking wet. The best way to get your sponge nice and moist is to hold it under running water and squeeze it a few times. This will allow the sponge to soak up the water and not just leave it on the surface. Then you want to ring the sponge out carefully so it’s damp throughout but not dripping.

3. Bounce, don’t drag

When using your makeup sponge you want to bounce it along the surface of the skin to spread the product. Dragging the sponge can leave streaks and create an uneven finish on the skin. 

4. When to apply product to the face and when to apply directly to sponge 

When working with the foundation, you should apply straight to the face if you want a more full coverage look. Use your finger to dab the foundation on and then blend it out with your sponge. If you want a more sheer look to help your freckles stand out, you can apply your foundation straight to the makeup sponge and then dab it on your face. The sponge will soak up some of the product, but start with less and add more as needed. 

5. Wash your sponge and let it dry 

It’s important to wash your makeup sponge each and every time you use it. Rinse it out and let it air dry before putting it away in a drawer or in your makeup bag. This will help prevent mold in the sponge. You can wash your makeup sponge with a little unscented liquid soap. Just be sure to rinse it all out.

6. Not all beauty blenders are the same

You can use the original Beauty Blender brand, or opt for another sponge. These are some of our favorites:

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